$190.00 - $220.00


Perfect for anyone doing any outdoor activities. It's lighter, brighter and a more convenient Cap Lamp. 13 hours of run time and totally waterproof. Won't break if you drop it.

Feel free to read all the features below- but the biggest difference between the model 3 and the 4 is that the 4 works as a power bank to charge up your other devices too.


The multi-purpose cordless WISDOM LAMP 3 is perfectly created with industrial design, electronic design, software design, production craft design and user-friendly design. It applies the most advanced technology of the LED light source and high-capacity li-ion battery technology to create a brighter and lighter multi-purpose cordless lamp. Our WISDOM LAMP 3 is a kind of ideal lighting equipment for civil using, outdoor activity, riding lighting and other many other practical purposes. Meanwhile, it is able to withstand the harshest underground conditions, such as, the
coal mines and metal mines etc. The significant features are as the follows:

1.1 100000 hours lifespan and super stable brightness
The multi-purpose cordless WISDOM LAMP 3 applies the most advanced American CREE LED light source and advanced drive PCB, which promises its life span up to 100000 hours in certain condition. The delicately designed reflector reduces the light absorption, which greatly improves the brightness.

1.2 Convenient charging way with USB
Multi-purpose WISDOM LAMP 3 is designed to charge with magnetic USB wire, which makes it possible to charge the LED multi-purpose lamp with the same power adaptor with standard USB port of the general mobile phone. Meanwhile, it can also charge with the matched conventional single charger or charger rack, which is a revolutionary breakthrough in the charging way for multi-purpose lamps.

Multi-purpose WISDOM LAMP 3 is designed to be super light and the lightest model of 3A weighs only 175g, which is half weight of the normal lamps.

1.4 Adjustable lighting angle
A rotatable clip is for your option to meet different requirements for long-range and short-range lighting.

1.5 Battery indicator
When the lamp is off, press the button for more than 2 seconds then the battery indicator is on, and you can identify the battery remaining capacity: >30%, >60%, >90%.

1.6 Two-stage low battery power alarms and alarm cancel
When the main light source is on, about one hour before the battery runs out and only 10 minutes lighting time, the main light source will alternately alarms with dark lights warn that the battery is nearly exhausted and needs charging. If you do not want the lights flashing affect the lighting, press the switch button for more than 2 seconds, the main light source flashes twice to stop the alarm and enter the normal lighting condition.

1.7 Safe, reliable and maintenance-free
The Li-ion battery of WISDOM LAMP 3 is maintenance-free. Moreover, the battery protecting PCB can protect the battery from over charge, over discharge, over current, and short circuit so that the battery won’t explode or burn. Therefore, the safety and reliability of WISDOM LAMP 3 are well guaranteed.

1.8 Explosion-proof and impact-resistance
The housing of WISDOM LAMP 3 is made of bulletproof PC. The optimized mold design not only strengthens the hardness of the housing but also lessens the internal stress, which makes WISDOM LAMP 3 stronger in impact resistance and more durable in life span.

1.9 Super waterproof
The multi-purpose WISDOM LAMP 3 applies the professionally water-proof design which enables it is approved by IP68 tested underwater 50 meters. It is made of stainless steel materials, such as, the stainless cap lamp clip and USB charging points which is made of stainless steel and gold-plated brass. Therefore, it is able to work stably under harsh working conditions.

1.10 Environmentally friendly
The multi-purpose lamp is designed in accordance with RoHS, which is strictly followed during the whole process, from material selection to production craft design.