$195.00 - $235.00


13 Hours run time.

Super bright (6 x brighter than the normal LED miner's cap lamp with cable- great for underground)

Totally waterproof- can dive with it up to 20 metres.

New WISDOM corded miner cap lamps are LED li-ion cap lamps with innovative design, which applies the technologies of the latest 235 lumens CREE LED lighting and 6.6Ah li-ion battery for KL5M, applies the technologies of the latest 301 lumens CREE LED lighting and 8.8Ah li-ion battery for KL8M, applies the technologies of the latest 359 lumens CREE LED lighting and 12.4Ah li-ion battery for KL12M, to make them safer, brighter and lighter. It is designed to withstand the harshest underground conditions, like coal mines, metal mines, etc. The significant features are as follows:

1.1 Stable and super bright
Advanced CREE LED light source and outstanding driving circuit are applied to KL8M
main light source to keep its brightness with three versions of working time. The working time of standard version, long version and super-long version are more than 13h, 16h and 24h respectively. During the whole working time, the brightness remains the same from the beginning to the end. The delicately designed reflector and ultra-clear glass help reduce the light absorption, which greatly improves the brightness.

1.2 Small, light and portable
The corded lamps use LED light source, which is much smaller in size and produces less heat, so the lamp holder can be miniaturized. Moreover, miner lamp KL8M uses li-ion battery, whose weight is only 1/3 of the traditional led acid battery.

1.3 Safe, reliable and maintenance-free
The li-ion battery is maintenance-free. Moreover, the battery pack PCB can protect the
battery from over charge, over discharge, over current and short circuit so that the
battery won’t explode or burn. Therefore, the safety and reliability of KL8M are guaranteed.

1.4 Explosion- proof and super impact-resistance
The housing is made of bulletproof PC of German Bayer brand. The optimized mold
design not only strengthens the hardness of the housing but also lessens the internal
stress, which makes the corded lamps stronger in impacting resistance and more
durable in life span.

1.5 Super water-proof
The corded cap lamps are super waterproof with the well-designed waterproof head
lamp globe, battery box, and button switch and stainless steel metal parts. Therefore, it is able to work stably under harsh working conditions.

1.6 Environmentally-friendly
The corded cap lamps are designed in accordance with RoHS, which is strictly followed during the whole process, from material selection to production craft design.

1.7 Longer life span
The corded cap lamps can work more than 13 hours after fully charged. Its main light
source has a life span of more than 100000h after applied to the lamp. li-ion battery can be charged more than 1200 cycles if the lamp works in reasonable conditions. Therefore, there is no need to replace the light source and battery during its whole life span.